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XLoader - macOS Malware

We always hear about malware for Windows and therefore it is sometimes easier to believe the macOS platform is immune to threats. The reality is that as platforms become popular the bad actors will look to exploit them. In the case of macOS, their life may be easier as there is a common misconception that you can't get infected if you run a Mac and therefore do not need to invest in antimalware.

Our friends at SentinelOne have discovered XLoader that steals info and runs a keylogger.

It's being distributed via phishing attachment containing either a binary or compiled jar file.

Although Apple has not shipped a java runtime in macOS for some time it is not uncommon for Java to be installed, especially in Enterprise environments that require Java for LOB applications. Many online banking applications are reliant on Java which may be the key driver of the bad actors!

In conclusion, if you are not running Java applications on your Mac it would be a good idea to remove it. And even if you are not now is the time to deploy antimalware protection to your Mac devices, we may be biased but our recommendation would be our fully managed SentinelOne for your peace of mind.

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