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What is EDR?

Who doesn't like a good three letter acronym and here's another that you may not be familiar with yet:

EDR - Endpoint Detection & Response:

EDR solutions are designed to continuously monitor and respond to advanced threats. This is much more than legacy antivirus/antimalware solutions and can be installed alongside or replace them completely.

Deployment is typically achieved through the installation of a lightweight sensor which will send not only threat details but also record behavioural data to a central database for analysis. With the distributed nature of endpoints ,not only laptops but mobile phones, tablets etc. it is vital to ensuring you have visibility of all data assets, both inside and outside of perimeter defences!

When EDR is linked into an MDR solution you then have full visibility across all your data assets. If you are able to correlate these events then you have a very powerful solution to detect and defend against threats!

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