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What is cyber dwell time...

CDT is simply the time a hacker has on a compromised system before discovery, the longer they have the greater the damage. The sophistication of the latest cyberattacks means businesses need to understand all aspects of their network. Where is the data being accessed from, by who and where is it going to. In our new world of remote working, this can be extremely difficult to track. Throwing point solutions at the problem are pointless and only leads to information overflow at the best and a false sense of security at worst. Getting a single pane view can be difficult and that is where XDR fits in, rather than replacing one solution with another, XDR is the glue that gives you a single pane view. When deployed correctly you dramatically reduce the meantime to detection and remediation. You can simplify the journey dramatically by deploying SOCaaS but again you need to ensure the solution is built as an open platform that integrates existing investments not replaces them. You are then able to deploy best of breed solutions at each layer of the network. Don't make the mistake of deploying legacy SIEM solutions, they just become silos of information that are unwieldy to extract meaningful information without a team of data analysts to run it.

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