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To run the best SOC, you need the best XDR platform

To detect the very latest cyber threats you need a platform that has the ability to cut through the noise to deliver validated indicators of compromise!

We are pleased to announce that the American Cyber Awards shortlisted it in the startup of the year section. The American Cyber Awards is a totally independent event, with no affiliation to any magazines, organisations, or products. As a result, its industry-leading judges are able to make all their decisions on merit alone.

The judges recognised that Extended Detection and Response, XDR, helps address the issues that all organisations face:

  • Too many point security products

  • Too many blind spots 

  • Too much noise and thus alert fatigue

  • Too late to find attacks 

  • Too slow to investigate, to hunt and to respond

  • Too much data to handle or too little to be actionable

  • Too hard to find well-trained security professionals

  • Too much time spent on manual compliance

So if any of the above resonates with you, or you are looking to upgrade from a legacy SIEM solution then please contact us.

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