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Three Basic Cybersecurity Strategies to Start With

We often get asked by clients where to start with their cyber security strategy. We broke this down into three key elements as follows:

1. Security Culture: Think of security as an integral component in everything the organisation does. By building a culture of security within the business promotes best practices, this must start at Board level and filter through the entire organisation to be successful.

2. Cover the Basics: Cybercriminals target low-hanging fruit because it’s easier and cheaper. By simply covering best cybersecurity practices at your organisation to ensure strong cyber hygiene, you can eliminate many common risks.  

3. Leverage Managed Security Services: Cybercriminals are utilising sophisticated tools to probe networks for vulnerabilities 24x7. To protect the organisation it must be monitored 24x7 utilising the latest tools incorporating machine learning and AI to detect the warning signs and block attacks before they have a chance to damage anything.

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