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The mummy returns...

Not the High Priest Imhotep from the movie but Emotet the rather nasty self propagating trojan malware! Emotet used to be primarily a banking Trojan, but recently has been used as a distributor of other malware. Using multiple methods for maintaining persistence, and evasion techniques to avoid detection it is a rather nasty piece of malware.

As reported by the team at Malwarebytes it's coming back to haunt us again, if you are using a reputable anti malware solution you should be protected. The most likely way you will receive this is via phishing emails which are becoming difficult for people to spot, unless they have had training! If you need a top-up there are many free resources available including this from NCSC in the UK and Webroot has some great advice here.

The only way we are going to beat the bad guys is to stay vigilant, ensure staff are properly trained and of course make sure you monitor everything to discover threats as early as possible.

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