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Skip deploying SIEM & move straight to MDR

Some organisations still believe a firewall will protect them from cyber attacks. But as hackers, crackers, and cybercriminals get smarter, organisations need to invest more to keep data secure. Some organisations have faced these increased threats by deploying SIEM solution, but in most cases they fail to address the underlying issues. This has led to increased demand for solutions like WSD’s  Overwatch solution

Below are some reasons why you should be looking at MDR immediately, gaining competitive advantage by showing your customers you take cyber threats and the protection of their data seriously!

Regulatory compliance; for those organisations that have to comply with GDPR, PCI DSS etc. they must detect and report data breaches & have incident response plans in place. Financial regulations are getting stricter and the focus is moving towards ensuring organisations have the required processes in place to detect and mitigate threats. A more robust solution is required than IPS on a next generation firewall! Sophistication of cyber attacks: There is a growing marketplace to purchase extremely sophisticated hacking tools that even the basic script kiddie can use to wreak havoc. A determined hacker will use multiple attack vectors to gain & maintain access and finally hide their tracks. To employ the correct staff with the skills required to run your own SOC is difficult even for large enterprises never mind SMEs. Low hanging fruit: Enterprises have the resources to be able to defend their networks but still get hacked. Hackers will find and exploit weaknesses in systems and misconfiguration of security. CVE recorded  11750 vulnerabilities in systems for 2018.


MDR allows you to gain a team of experts at a price you can afford. For companies who don’t have the time or resources, this is especially useful. We detect and analyse threats, & stop them. When a threat is detected, we will first verify if it is a real threat before informing you to take action to avoid the scare of false alarms. We help you deal with advanced attacks that even traditional managed security service providers might not be prepared for. Although a relatively new service Gartner predicts that 15% of businesses will be using MDR services by 2020!

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