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Rip & Replace vs Integrate & Enhance

The problem with security is there's always something bigger/better/faster etc. that according to the sales guys you must buy to protect yourself from impending doom. The reality is that your existing solutions, firewalls/anti malware/intrusion detection et al are probably doing the job perfectly well. Of course there are always exceptions but on the whole a Check Point firewall will do an excellent job as a perimeter firewall, but so will Cisco, Fortinet etc. A single solution is not enough to protect systems, hence the recommendation of having a layered security approach also referred to as defence in depth. The disadvantage of a layered approach is that you end up with different vendor solutions that all have their own consoles, logs & alerts. Instead of resolving the issues they compound them by overloading the people responsible for monitoring them with too much information at best, and at worst conflicting or false positives. They are getting increasingly complex, expensive to install and a headache to maintain. The result is that critical information remains in its silo, alerts get switched off and that security solution you have invested in has now lost a large percentage of its value.

Get better value out of your existing solutions by integrating them into a single pane view! That's where our Overwatch solution fits in, as it's the glue that will turn silos of log data into actionable alerts.

The portal hides the vast processing power of our platform allowing high level views of the security posture of the business. Our SOC analysts can drill down to the underlying data to route out malicious activity.

And that is the difference Overwatch makes:

· It enhances the existing solutions you have purchased.

· The XDR Platform discovers malicious activity quickly.

· Our SOC analysts monitor the platform 24x7.

· Fully managed so no expensive hardware/software to purchase & maintain.

· Cost effective for small businesses,

· Infinitely scalable to support the largest enterprises globally!

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