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Ring(ing) in the changes - doorbell security addressed!

After multiple media reports regarding the complete lack of security around Amazon's Ring 'security' doorbells, including their staff spying, the company has finally done something to address the issues. They have announced that owners are now required to use multifactor authentication more details can be found here.

Now in (partial) defence of Ring if customers use rubbish passwords on devices connected to the Internet then they will be hacked. But Amazon should of been ahead of the game and made multi factor authentication mandatory from the start.

With the Internet of Things gaining momentum more devices are online, and technologies such as 5G making connectivity easier, we are going to see an exponential growth. More devices means a much greater footprint for hackers to exploit, and services such as Shodan and Censys make it simple to find vulnerable/insecure devices.

Unfortunately we are already seeing the effects of IOT with devices being infected with the Mirai botnet that can be used to deliver DDOS attacks that have the ability to cripple the Internet.

You should always enable multi-factor authentication on devices or services that you access if available. It's usually very simple to setup and most services make use of your phone to send an SMS or utilise services such as Google's free authenticator app.

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