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Overwatch - Your cyber-guardian angel.

It's not really surprising that in a recent survey 82% of cyber vulnerabilities are down to misconfiguration! Systems, especially those built to protect us are becoming increasingly complex and often unwieldy to manage.

Whether on-premise or cloud based misconfigurations can lead to severe data breaches, insecure databases, cloud storage etc. have repeatedly been reported by various media.

Quite simply we are being inundated with log data and the problem is not going to go away.

It would be nice to know that someone had your back and was proactively reviewing your logs for indicators of risk!

Overwatch can be your guardian angel, keeping a constant watch on your environment, but it is much more than just another AI/ML or SIEM based platform. The key to the power of the service is our human capital, the SOC analysts that make the difference on a daily basis.

A poll conducted by Infosecurity Europe stated 'human skill and expertise was the clear leader with 40.5% of respondents in answer to the question ‘what is the most important element of a successful cyber resilience approach?’.

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