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Layered Security is critical

In these days where attacks are coming from all sides, it reminded me of the fact we should all be employing layered security wherever we can. As an example, SentinelOne discovered a vulnerability in Windows Defender that had gone unpatched for 12 years, more details on that here. We have also seen the devastation supply chain attacks can have and this is another headache we are going to have to deal with.

So the lessons to learn are that there is strength in depth and the more defences you can employ, without going overboard, the better you will be. Not picking on Microsoft, but as an example, it would seem counterintuitive to deploy all their defences in isolation. Defender is great and free, but I wouldn't rely on it solely to protect systems. The same with O365 antimalware, phishing etc. it's pretty good at spotting and routing out the dross but backing it up with Perception Point will greatly improve your defences. And of course, monitor everything and trust no one, a healthy level of paranoia is not such a bad thing. Stay safe and stay well.

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