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An offer you can't refuse - free security training from SANS

SANS are offering free security awareness training for Organisations, individuals and Parents

The link can be accessed here.

Excerpt below:

Quickly train employees to work (and children to learn) from home safely and securely.

  1. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, organizations worldwide are implementing work-from-home policies. Yet for many businesses, managing an entirely remote workforce is completely new, which means they may lack the processes, policies and technologies that enable employees to work from home safely and securely. In addition, many employees may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the idea of working from home.At SANS Security Awareness, we want to do whatever we can to ensure companies can train and secure their remote workforce. These resources and training materials are a combination of both our public resources and paid training materials which we are releasing for free. We understand that this is a unique situation and we want to do everything we can to help.

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