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A little less conversation a little more action..... getting ready for NIST

You may have seen a lot of discussion regarding NIST, and if you are a regulated entity now is the time to start preparing for this framework. The good news is that you can quickly address the cybersecurity requirements without needing to invest in additional hardware, software, training etc. More good news is that you don't have to throw away the security solutions you've already invested in, we ingest all that important log data from your firewalls, servers, antimalware, DLP, IPS etc. So as well as addressing NIST you are also going to get even more value out of your existing cybersecurity investments.

Overwatch is our fully managed Security Operations Centre utilising the next generation XDR platform backed up by our team of analysts that offer better value than legacy SIEM solution for a fixed monthly price.

Overwatch integrates with your existing cybersecurity solutions to enhance your network PROTECTION. It IDENTIFIES all assets within your network constantly interrogating all internal and Internet traffic. Extensive monitoring enables the early DETECTION of compromise, permitting automatic RESPONSES from combined Artificial Intelligence and (human) Security Analyst escalation, to meet the external threat, helping you to RECOVER quicker.

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