Cybersecurity for Financial Regulated Businesses

Compliance does not need to be onerous or expensive!


Have you heard the cyber regulations from the GFSC are difficult?


Think again. Approached correctly and with an eye to your needs, the new regulations need neither be difficult, time-consuming or costly.


As you would approach any project, it is simply a question of understanding your current position, your desired future state, and the critical dependencies to achieve it. We can help.


Current Position                     


We have the tools at our disposal to work with you to quickly generate a comprehensive risk report, which will provide you with an understanding of what needs to be done to comply with the GFSC regulations.


All this can be accomplished for a fixed price of £525.00


The tools were created and are used extensively to meet the needs of the NIST Cyber Security Framework which has been adopted by the GFSC to form the new Cyber Security Regulations.



Future State


It is possible through the Current State Analysis we identify you already have the tools and mechanisms in place to comply, requiring perhaps only minor tweaks to policies and procedures. However, if you do not have the tools to detect and respond, we again have proven, cost-effective solutions, which will not disrupt your existing IT systems.


Cloud Solutions / Microsoft 365 are great and widely used, but there is still an additional need to Protect, Detect and Respond. We can provide you with a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service which delivers:


  • Enterprise Detection and Response software

  • Security analysts monitoring your systems for malware and other threats.

  • Identification of suspicious activity on your Cloud services, such as suspicious login activity.

  • Understandable reports demonstrating compliance, but more importantly informing you of identified risks and attacks.


Should the worst happen, and you are subjected to a cyber-attack our team is on hand to guide your response and minimise potential damage.


Our Cloud Solutions / Microsoft 365 MDR service can be delivered for just £ 16.00 per user/device per month.


If you are a business with your own IT Infrastructure, servers etc., we have a solution for you too. It is vendor agnostic, so can work with your existing technology to process all the security events from your endpoints, network, and IT infrastructure, physical and cloud.

Our team will proactively work with you to understand your unique environment enhancing your security posture through regular reviews to support risk management.


Our Infrastructure MDR service whilst still based upon the number of users and devices does have a minimum monthly charge. Pricing is determined by your exact environment, however as an example, a 50-user site with a hybrid infrastructure would be approximately £12,000.00 per annum, minimum 12-month contract.

Touching the Surface


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