Cyber Threats are Evolving, is Your Strategy?

Cyber threats are increasing exponentially, their sophistication is bypassing traditional controls. Increased regulation, GDPR, NIST, PCI DSS etc, puts additional strain on Organisations regardless of size. It's time for a new strategy that addresses cyber risk in a practical, measurable & reportable way that is affordable for small business and scalable for enterprise & multilocation sites.
Our platform supports clients in public and private sectors, across finance, retail, medical etc

Areas of


Offshore Security Operations Centre


Perfect for companies of all sizes who neither have the in-house expertise, budget or desire to deliver class leader cyber security. Overwatch is a highly effective Managed, Detection and Response service, overseen by a human team, 24/7/365, which exceeds the suggested security requirements of most regulators, whilst starting from as little as £9.99 per person per month.



From board room strategic advice, through to the design and implementation of effective, information security solutions, we have the expertise and experience to help ensure you stay ahead of current and future cyber threats.

Vulnerability / Penetration


Vulnerability scans are conducted on a regular basis to ensure all software patching is up to date and systems are correctly configured to meet the expanding threat. A penetration test is typically run less frequently, it is far more extensive, and aggressive in its nature, both are an essential element of any digital security strategy.

Risk Audits


Threats, whether they be internal or external, can develop from simple carelessness, or be the result of a concerted attack, it is imperative for an organisation to understand the difference between perceived and actual threat, and to ensure they are properly positioned, protected and trained to minimise the potential for loss and harm.

Outsourced CISO / DPO


We have people within our team who have the right skills and experience, in your market sectors and geographic locations, who can provide, at a fraction of the cost of an employee the knowledge your business needs to mitigate risk.

Private / Discrete Security


There are lots of deliberate attacks on families and their businesses we can act as a trusted partner to ensure the correct levels of security are in place, cyber and physical, providing effective advice and implementation of solutions to mitigate risk.


About Us

West Sealand Digital (WSD), is a specialist provider of class-leading cybersecurity services, products and solutions to clients around the world. WSD partners with its clients to differentiate between want and need, perception and risk, delivering cost-effective services and solutions which mitigate the real risk.


Our team of trusted advisors to governments, corporates and high net worth individuals around the world, deliver a variety of differentiated services and solutions from vulnerability audits of government departments, through to training design and delivery, and a 24/7/365 managed detection and response service.  


In an environment where each identified security need must often compete for scant financial resource, WSD consultants deliver measurable results through a refined understanding, that to be effective, cyber security must be simple in its delivery, seamless in operation, cost conscious and above all, support economic enablement.


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WSD is based in the secure offshore data location of Guernsey. 
With the sister island of Jersey, the Channel Islands is a global offshore financial centre.


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